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This is a must-have support and contact management tool, and the monthly subscription fee of $19 is WELL worth it.  You don’t have to worry about having any product knowledge or expertise, about the products OR the business — this app does ALL THE TALKING AND FOLLOW UP FOR YOU!!

In addition to helping you keep track of everyone you meet/ talk to about DoTERRA, this app sends a series of automated informational texts and emails to the contact based on what you have discussed with them or would like them to know.  For example, there is a “Track” for someone who you give a sample of Lavender to; there is a Track for people who are interested in a class but can’t attend; there is a new customer Track to provide helpful support and education to your customers, and so much more.

It also includes instant access to a robust library of mini videos about everything from oils to products to wholesale membership to the business opportunity, so you can easily pick one and either show it to someone right on your phone, or email/ share it to social media.

They offer a 14-day free trial, too — and have an active, responsive Facebook group for questions and support.